IRIS DOCUMENTAL - Electronic Document Management Software

IRIS DOCUMENTAL covers from the advisory of the documentary processes to the putting of all or part of its important documents in a WEB consultation server, with a last generation Software, consultations in the required Hardware and all the implicit elements in the traceability of the documents.


The productive chain of a company begins from the moment of its creation and for this purpose, any internal consultation document (the incoming and the outgoing) is important in its conservation, as well as for its consultation and subsequent preservation. So it is very important to create technological processes that speed up the processing and consultation of the document by applying the best practices within the documentary field.

With IRIS DOCUMENTAL, processes are automated with an economy that translates into knowledge so that the development of the company is the beneficiary in its production chain.


Increase your productivity

Recent surveys indicate that organizations are losing millions of dollars by spending productive work time searching for information. For example, they indicate that workers spend almost 25% of 40 hours of work in locating data that could have been obtained automatically. In addition, they spend another three hours a week recreating content that already exists and that for some reason they have not located. This adds up to a loss of around $ 10,000 per worker. You do the math.

Save time

No need to waste time searching for documents anymore. Searching for these can be done quickly to get results in seconds as all documents are stored in an organized manner, making them easy to locate.


With a document management system, many business processes can be simplified. Users can authorize actions and / or tasks as well as data transfer with the touch of a button. For merchandise and invoice authorization, they are just two of the best examples of everyday tasks that become more efficient when done digitally.

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